Is a Shooting that Causes Injuries or Death Covered Under Automobile Insurance in Florida?


Unfortunately, Jacksonville, Florida and other cities in Florida are the site of serious injuries and deaths as a result of drive by shootings and other shootings. A prime example of the tragic violence is the shooting of a Jacksonville Jaguar Football player, Richard Collier, a third year offensive tackle. Collier was shot while in his Cadilac Escalade after spending the night out with friends. See Jag’s Collier Shot – Has Life Threatening Injuries.

Collier was reported to be in critical condition at Shands Jacksonville Medical Center. No further updates were later provided as deference to a privacy request by Jack Del Rio and the Collier Family.

I did some legal research on this matter and it does not appear that the injuries sustained by Mr. Collier would be covered under the typical uninsured motorist policy in the State of Florida. Of course, the automobile insurance policy and any other insurance and disability policies should be reviewed by the family and a Florida personal injury attorney to make sure that claims are filed for benefits that cover the incident and / or the related injuries.

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