Is a Hotel, Resort, or Theme Park Liable for Child Injuries Occurring on the Property?


Is a hotel or resort liable for the injuries caused a child while on the property? In Florida, hotels, resorts, and theme parks welcome children through their doors and gates on a daily basis. Florida is known for its tourism. Hotels and theme parks are big business in the State of Florida. What a child visits a hotel, resort, or theme park, the property owner
has a duty to provide a reasonably safe and secure environment for children. It is well known that visit and stay at hotels, resorts, and theme parks. Because of this, it is important for managers, administrators, staff members, housekeepers and others to make sure that the common areas, rooms, activity areas, swimming pools and other areas are safe for use for children. The management and staff at the hotel, resort, and theme park have a duty to provide reasonable and periodic maintenance of the facility, property and grounds to make sure that there are no hazards present that put a child at risk for personal injuries or harm.

When a child is injured at a Florida hotel, resort, or theme park, a parent typically have have many questions and issues to address on behalf of the injured child. Assuming that the injuries resulted from the negligence of a staff member or the facility, a case or claim can be pursued to seeking compensation and damages for the injured child. The book titled – The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know – has chapters on Water Parks Injuries, Theme Park Injuries, Injuries at Stores and Shopping Malls, Day Care Center Injuries, School Injuries, Damages / Compensation and other topics. Get this book for free at The ABCs of Child Injury. It is important for the parent to obtain legal advice for on behalf of the child contacted Florida child injury lawyer for advice and information regarding child injury claims.