Irish Man (Gary Flynn) and Tampa Couple Injured in Gun Mishap in Lakeland, Florida – Rights and Responsibilities Under Florida Law


People visit gun ranges as a safe way to fire guns / weapons in a secure and controlled environment. Unfortunate, incidents take place at gun ranges that cause serious personal injuries and, in some instances, death. In Lakeland (Polk County), Florida, a man from Ireland (Gary Flynn) suffered serious personal injuries when he was accidentally shot by a gun owned by Michael and Sherri Thourot of Tampa, Florida. The rights of a victim for injuries and damages suffered by such incidents will depend on the facts and actions / inactions of those involved or responsible for the gun fire. Many questions / issues arise in cases of this nature. In particular, it would be important to know the following:

What was the make and model of the gun involved?

What training / experience did the gun owners have with such a gun?

Did the gun malfunction in any manner?

Was the gun range set up in a manner that would help prevent or reduce incidents of this nature?

What were the policies and procedures of the gun range?

Did the gun range have video cameras set up that recorded the incident as well as actions / inactions that took place prior to the incident?

What statements were made to the gun range personnel and the police about the incident?

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