Internet Sex Sting Results in 17 Arrests – Chef, Optician, Serviceman, Janitor, Bank Teller, and Engineer Arrested


What does a chef, optician, U.S. serviceman, bank teller, janitor, and engineer have in common? Well, in Gainesville Florid and other counties, an arrest for using a computer to solicit sex with a child among other crimes is what these folks have in common. The Gainesville Police Department and the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department were law enforcement agencies among others that participated in a five day sex sting. Undercover law enforcement officials posed as juveniles or parents online to have the suspect meet at an undercover house for sex with a child. The Internet sex sting seemed similar to those televised by NBC’s series To Catch a Predator. It is interesting that people are informed in writing online about a child’s age and still take the affirmative steps to go to a house that they have never been to before to have sex with a child they have never met before. This shows that many people are selfish and depraved who victimize children without any though whatsoever as to the effects on the child or the fact that the acts are immoral and illegal. Of course, not all persons caught in the net of a sting are successfully prosecuted. Some are able to present a Defense of sorts to get out of the charges, but most are probably successfully prosecuted and most defendants end up pleading guilty or no contest to the charges and then face the criminal sanctions and consequences of their bad acts and intentions. For more information, see Gainesville, Florida Chef Among 17 Arrested in Internet Child Sex Sting.