Internet Browser Developed by Jacksonville, Florida Software Developer to Promote Internet Safety


A Jacksonville, Florida developer of software recently launched a nationwide program – One Million Kid’s Safe Campaign to help promote internet safety for children. The goal of the internet browser is to reduce online crimes involving children through mentoring, monitoring, education and training. The One Million Kids Safe web site offers advice to parents and caregivers. It also has a web browser that helps keep children safe in their web surfing. Any software or information that can help curb crimes against children are worthwhile. We can lock our doors and windows against criminals who try to get to our children. Unfortunately, the computer and internet have given child predators and sex offenders another entry way into our homes and to our children. I recommend that parents and caregivers go to sites like One Million Kids Safe in order to be proactive as to internet safety for their children.

You can read more about this story at Florida Campaign to Promote Internet Safety.

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