Interlachen, Florida – Bicycling Teen (James Lown) Critically Injured when Struck by Pickup Truck


A fifteen year old boy from Interlachen (Putnam County) Florida was hit by a pickup truck and critically injured while crossing County Road 315 near Mary Wisham Park on his bicycle last Saturday afternoon. At the time of the accident, the boy was trying to cross from the sidewalk on the west side of the road to the entrance of the park on the east side. Apparently the boy crossed the road just as the southbound lane cleared, without checking the northbound lane for oncoming traffic. He was hit by a pickup truck in that lane and sent flying onto the shoulder of the road. The driver of the pickup, sixty two year old Samuel Hancock Jr. of Satsuma, Florida, pulled over immediately to check on the boy. The driver was wearing his seat belt and was not injured. No charges have been filed by police.

Children often have poor safety judgment and awareness when crossing streets. Many accidents and injuries caused by car accidents can be avoided by slower driving, more attentive driving, and safety awareness by both driver and pedestrian or bicyclist. In this case it appears that the driver did nothing wrong, but a bit more caution on his part might have prevented the accident. Drivers should pay close attention to traffic, road conditions, and pedestrians when driving on Florida roadways. Parents need to take the initiative as well, and teach their children proper safety precautions when crossing roads on foot or on a bicycle.

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