Instant Amber – Child Safety Service – Could Help Find a Missing Child in Florida


I recently read about a company / service called Instant Amber. It is a company based in Nashville, Tennessee that gathers together vital information and photographs of a child enrolled in the system. If that child goes missing, law enforcement officials can quickly assess and disseminate the information when conducting a search for a missing child. Updated information can be posted through the Instant Amber site / account. The cost for the service is $29.95 per year.

The Florida Amber Plan is operated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) in conjunction with the Department of Community Affairs and the Florida Association of Broadcasters, Inc.. The purpose of the Plan is to broadcast critical information of a missing / abducted child who may be in danger in a timely matter to the general public by radio and television.

Most people probably do not plan for the day when a child goes missing. If you are faced with a missing child situation, it would certainly be helpful to have a service like Instant Amber in place. In the alternative, when faced with a missing child situation, get photographs and other vital information to the police as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when trying to locate a missing child.

There are many tragic stories of missing children reported on the news. There are also success stories. You can read about these success stories at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Web site at FDLE Amber Plan – Success Stories.

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