Injured Children and Other Victims of Haiti Earthquake Begin to Arrive in Florida Hospitals


South Florida may emerge as the main hub for treating injured victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti. Injured children and adults have poured into south Florida hospitals and the Homestead Air Reserve base, and many more are expected to arrive over the coming days. The injured include mostly United States and Haitian citizens. According to the United States’ State Department, nearly forty five thousand United States residents live in Haiti, and many more visit there as missionaries or tourists.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson has called on more Florida hospitals to open their doors to victims of the disaster. He stated that Florida’s children’s hospitals are uniquely suited to help the critically injured children. It is not at all clear how many more refugees from the disaster will come to Florida.

The State of Florida and its hospitals should be commended for stepping in quickly to aid those in need. You can read more about Florida’s mission to help injured children and other victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti at Injured victims starting to arrive.