In Oxford, Florida – Mother and Boyfriend Charged Criminally in Python Strangling Death of 2 Year Old Shaianna Hare


Parents should think twice before accepting large snakes as “pets” in their homes. In Oxford, Florida, a mother and her boyfriend were recently charged with Manslaughter, third degree murder, and child abuse surrounding the July 1st death of Shaianna Hare, age 2. In Florida and other States, a parent or caregiver can be charged with a crime for being reckless or showing a disregard for the health, safety, and well being of a child. It appears that safety precautions were not taken or in the alternative were inadequate to protect a small child from the strangling and overwhelming powers of a python snake. Whether a pet is a dog or a snake, pets can kill and safety precautions should be taken to protect children. You can read more about this story at Mother and Boyfriend Charged with Crimes – Death of 2 Year Old from Python Strangulation.