Importance of Water Safety for Children – Tips for Parents, Camp Counselors, Teachers, Day Care Providers and Others


As the temperatures increase during the summer so do crowds at communitym public, residential, and hotel pools. Although pools are a great leisure activity for children, they can be extremely dangerous. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that the number one cause of accidental death of young children was drowning for the year 2008. In fact, one out of every four deaths involved children younger than 14-years-old. For every fatality, four children are sent to the emergency room for water-related injuries.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported safety steps parents could take to protect their children from drowning-related death or injury:

1. Teach the basics:
Instill in your children, at a very young age, to never run or push others at a pool.
Also, teach them to swim in the presence of an adult.

2. Water is dangerous:
Explain to children that being in the water is not all fun and games; they will not
be able to breathe while under water.

3. Install safety devices:
Portable gates and alarms will keep children from wandering into a pool

4. Drain covers:
Hair can get sucked and tangled into the drains of pools or hot tubs. Drain covers
prevents this from happening.

5. Purchase Swimming lessons:
Research has shown that the earlier a child receives swimming lessons the less
likely he or she is to suffer from a drowning-related injury.

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