Importance of Swimming Pool Safety and Adult Supervision


In Florida, there are swimming pools in virtually every neighborhood. Each swimming pool is a danger zone to small children and those children who are not strong swimmers. Parents, teachers, summer camp counselors, babysitters, day care providers, and other child care providers should recognize that children have poor safety awareness and judgment especially when it comes to swimming pools, lakes, ponds, and other waterways. Swimming pools are “attractive nuisances” that intrigue children and make them explore further even though they are told not to and even though there may be a lack of parental or adult supervision. In a matter of a few seconds, a child can suffer serious personal injuries and even a tragic death as a result of a drowning incident.

In Orange County, Florida, the Orlando Sentinel recently reported that a child was transported to a hospital after being retrieved from a swimming pool. The incident took place in the Pine Hills area of Orange County. Fire Rescue was dispatched to the area and CPR was performed. The child was later taken to and treated at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. See Small Child Rushed to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital After Being Pulled from Swimming Pool.

A personal injury to a child from a drowning incident is one too many especially if the drowning incident could have been prevented. Make sure to fence and appropriate secure all swimming pool areas.