Importance of Swimming Lessons for Children – Classes Can Save Lives


As the summer months approach in Florida and other States, parents should consider providing swimming lessons to their children. Swimming lessons and classes can and do save lives. Especially since drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for child 4-years-old or younger. Children do not recognize how dangerous swimming pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans can actually be. Swimming lessons can teach children how to swim, proper breathing techniques, and water safety tips. Children and adults alike should be aware of the size and depth of residential pools and have a basic knowledge about water safety, which can be taught in swimming classes. Children should not swim if they are fatigued and should never be near or in the water without adult supervision. Although swimming lessons are critical, direct supervision of child is a key factor in preventing accidental injuries or death. Children can drown in swimming pools, inflatable pools, or even buckets of water, depending upon their size and weight. Children should know basic water safety and be supervised while in or near water. For swimming lessons available in Ormond Beach, Southeast Volusia and Deltona please see Local Swim Lessons.

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