Importance of Life Jackets / Preservers – Man Drowns After Canoe Tips Over at Ocala National Forest


When boating, all children should be fitted with life preservers and life jackets. This general rule also applies to all adults. The simple act of wearing a life jacket can save a life or at least reduce the risks of drowning. A tragic story was recently reported by the Orlando Sentinel. A man died of an apparent accidental drowning while he was canoeing with his nephew. You can read more about this story at Canoe flips, man dies in apparent accidental drowning near Ocala.

While the wearing of a life jacket may be uncomfortable or an inconvenience, it can save lives of those wearing them. In addition, many lives have been lost through the years of those who have gone into the water in an attempt to save a person who was not wearing a life jacket. Before boating, make sure that all the appropriate equipment is available and in good repair for all boaters.

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