Importance of Gun Safety at Home – Shooting Reported in Miramar (South Florida)


There is a constitutional right to gun ownership in this country. While it is a constitutional right, it is also a legal and moral responsibility to make sure that guns are properly secure and kept out of the reach of children. Gun safety at home is vital to the protection of the parents, children, and any visitors who come to the home. A gun is not a toy to be played with or waved around. Of course, children, especially toddlers, do not always appreciate or even understand the dangers of gun and merely see the gun as a play object or toy. In Miramar, Florida, it was reported that a shooting took place in the home. According to the news story reported by CNN News, Julia Bennett was shot once in the back and died as a result of this gun shot injuries. The victim’s toddler son may have shot his mother accidentally according to the 911 call made by the boy’s father. Miramar Police and possibly other law enforcement agencies will investigate this most unfortunate and tragic death. The investigation may include forensic evidence (gun shot residue) to determine if the toddler did fire the gun. Criminal charges have not been filed but law enforcement and the State Attorney may end up considering charges related to the access and use of the gun by the toddler. Gun owners and home owners should pay close attention to incidents like these and take due care to safeguard guns in the home. See Toddler Shoots Mom Dead, Boy’s Father Tells Florida Police.

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