Impaired / Drunk Driving in Florida: Danger to Children and Others

A Florida study of impaired and drunk driving revealed that a drunk driver was on the road of florida every 110 miles driven. In Florida, .08 blood alcohol concentration is presumed to cause driver impairment. Impaired drivers were involved in an estimated over 128,000 crashes that killed 930 and injured 43000. This figures do not include the countless Florida children, parents, family, friends, neighbors, and co workers affected the the carelessness and impairment of drunk drivers. You can read more interesting statistics and commentary of drunk driving atImpaired Driving in Florida.

The safety of our children and others simply does not make sense. If you are drinking, get a ride, get a cab, stay put . . . just do not get behind the wheel. The convenience and supposed fun of going and staying out on a particular night will never compare to the risks and tragedies resulted from drunk driving.

In Florida, it is a both a criminal violation and (in my opinion) a moral violation to operate a motor vehicle / automobile while impaired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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