Imam at Tampa Mosque Charged with Sexual Battery of 13 Year Old Boy


In Tampa, Florida, a Imam has been charged with sexual battery on a child. A 13 year old boy accused the religious leader of the attack and molestation. Police interviewed the boy and his family at Tampa General Hospital and thereafter arrested Yasser Mohmed Shahade for the alleged crime. The Imam will be entitled to the services of a public defender or, in the alternative, can hire a private attorney to defend him in this action. Initial news reports did not contain the details or the evidence involved with this crime. It would be interesting to find out the following details:

Were there any other witnesses to the incident?

How exactly did the Imam sexually assault or attack the 13 year old boy?

Did the Imam commit any similar acts in the past?

Were there any video cameras or surveillance cameras at the mosque that would either help defend the Imam or lend support to the boy’s allegations?

What forensic evidence exist as to the alleged assault?

What type of physical examination was performed at the hospital? What were the findings?

Is the mosque going to perform its own investigation as to these actions?

What is the position or explanation of the Imam as to the allegations made by the boy?

These and other issues would be important know in considering the strengths and weaknesses of each party to this matter. While the acts of one religious leader do not speak for the acts of all, the allegations involved with this story are serious and should be fully investigated. You can read more about this story at Imam From Tampa Mosque Charged with Sexual Battery on 13 Year Old Boy.