If a Day Care Center Does Not Have Liability Insurance, Can a Case Still be Pursued for Personal Injuries?


Can a day care center be sued if the day care center does not have liability insurance in Florida? Children are at times the unfortunate victims of serious injuries while under the care and supervision of a Florida Day Care Center. Day care centers range in size and type. Some are part of a national chain or franchise while others are operated by an individual or family in a home setting.

In many instances, a child is injured in a day care center that does not have liability insurance in place. In the alternative, there is insurance in place; however, there are exclusions of the policy that, in turn, result in there being no coverage for the day care center related injuries. For instances, intentional abuse, corporal punishment, and sexual assaults are often times excluded acts under a day care center liability policy. Because the issue of insurance coverage can be quite complicated and confusing, it is important for parents / guardians to consult with a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation, and legal representation.

To pursue a claim or case against a Florida Day Care Center, there is no requirement that the day care center have liability insurance. A lawsuit can be filed against a day care center whether there is coverage available or not. Of course, each Florida Day Care Center Case should be evaluated on its own facts, circumstances, and merits. A Florida Child Injury Lawyer will evaluate the legal and practical challenges to the case and advise the parents / guardians accordingly. While it is preferable to pursue a case in which there is liability insurance in place, it is still possible from both a legal and practical standpoint to pursue a claim or case against a day care center that does not have liability insurance.

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