Human Body Parts Defendant Takes Deal in Criminal Case

A dentist who moonlighted in selling body parts has taken a deal in a criminal case in Seattle, Washington. Apparently, Michael Mastromarino plundered body parts from corpses without the permission or knowledge of the families of the decedents. One of the corpses was Alstair Cooke, former host of Masterpiece Theater, who died in 2004. Dr. Mastromarino made millions along the way.


Unfortunately, there was no screening for diseases or other details and many patients received tissue and body parts from unchecked and unscreened corpses. In Florida, I have represented families in cases involving the tortious (wrongful) interference with a dead body. Florida has some cases and laws in place that address these unique cases. I would have had a field day suing Dr. Mastromarino for his reckless and indifferent conduct. You can read more about this story at the Seattle Times website – Suspect to Take Deal in Body Parts Case.

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