Hudson, Florida – Boy Seriously Burned Playing with Fire and Flammable Liquids


In Hudson, Florida, a 10 year old boy recently suffered serious personal injuries while playing with friends. It was reported by the Associated Press that the boy and friends were pretending to use a wand to cast magical spells in a make believe game. The combination of gasoline, bug spray, and a match led to the boy catching on fire. The boy’s mother heard screaming and was able to put out the fire. Thereafter, 911 was called and paramedics responded to the home. The boy was later taken to a Tampa hospital via helicopter.

Children lack good judgment when it comes to flammable products and matches / lighters / fire. What starts as a fun game for a child can lead to serious personal injures including severe burns.

Parents, to the best of their ability, should keep flammable items away from the reach of children. Of course, a 10 year old child can be quite skillful in getting to items that he should not touch. It is probably the safest to store flammable liquids and poisons in a locked cabinet or area.