Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Boating in Florida


In Florida, boating is an activity and hobby enjoyed by many people. Unfortunately with many outdoor activities like boating, there are dangers and risks that can lead to serious personal injuries, and in come cases death. One risk associated with boating activies is related to carbon monoxide poisoning. Boats with cabins and sleeping quarters are often times equipped with a generator to power the boats electricity and air conditioning unit. A properly maintained and installed generator that is positioned correctly on the boat can provide boat owners and guests with the comforts and convenience provided by electricity and air conditioning while docked or anchored offshore. An improperly installed and/or malfunctioning generator can actually cause personal injuries and, in fact, can lead to the death of an unknowing occupant of the boat. The Associated Press reported that a couple (Sandra Lupton and Howard Lupton) died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning in the sleeping quarters/cabin of a Baja Cruiser (29 foot). The couple’s boat was anchored offshore at Ponce Inlet (disappearing island). Tragically, the couple was discovered by their son. You can read more about this story at Florida Medical Examiner reports that Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Caused Death of Boaters from Palatka Florida.

It is expected that an investigation will be conducted as to the equipment and maintenance on this boat and what steps, if any, could have been taken to avoid this most unfortunate tragedy. this story shows the importance of boating safety as to all aspects of the boat, including but not limited to, the generator and electrical system.

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