Is There a Dog Leash Law in Bay County (Panama City and Panama City Beach) Florida?


In Bay County, Florida it is unlawful for dog owners to allow their dogs to run at large upon public or private property without the property owner’s consent, or, the lessee’s consent if the property is being leased. Also, all dogs, when off their owner’s property or on another’s property by consent, shall be under the direct control of a competent person who is able to control the dog or shall be kept under restraint.

Pursuant to section 4-27 of the Bay County, Florida Code of Ordinances, an “at large” dog is defined as a dog off the premises of the its owner and not under the direct control, custody, possession or charge of its owner or other responsible person either by leash, cord or chain of sufficient strength. Under the same statute, “direct control” means the immediate and continuous physical control by means of a leash, cord or chain of sufficient strength to restrain the dog. In the case of specially trained dogs that are taught to immediately respond to oral commands, direct control shall include oral commands so long as the controlling person controlling person is has unobstructed sight and hearing of the dog and is no more than 100 feet away from the dog.

Bay County, Florida is located in Florida’s panhandle and includes the following cities: Bayou George, Bear Creek, Callaway, Cedar Grove, Fountain, Hiland Park, Laguna Beach, Lynn Haven, Mexico Beach, Millville, Panama City, Panama City Beach, Parker, Rosemary Beach, Sand Hills, Sandy Creek, Southport, Springfield, West Bay, West Panama City Beach, and Youngstown.