Is There a Dog Leash Law in Jackson County, Florida?


In Jackson County, Florida all dog owners must exercise proper care and control of their dog(s) to prevent them from becoming a public nuisance. See Jackson County Code of Ordinances, Section 10-1: Restraint of Cats and dogs.

“Public nuisance” is defined as and dog(s) which:
1. Disturbs or threatens to disturb passersby or passing vehicles;
2. Attacks or threatens to attack other animals;
3. Damages or threatens to damage private or public property; or
4. Run at large.

For you dog(s) to not be considered “running at large” they must be:
1. Currently vaccinated for rabies, is wearing a collar with a tag demonstrating the current rabies vaccination and containing the name and address of the owner; or
2. Under the control of or in the presence of its owner or its owner’s designee; or
3. A hunting dog when present of private property with the prior permission of the property owner.

You can read more of the Dog Provisions of laws concerning other animals, including dogs classified as dangerous, at Jackson County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 10 – Animals.

Jackson County is located West of Leon County (Tallahassee) Florida and includes the following cities: Alford, Bascom, Campbelltown, Cottondale, Graceville, Grand Ridge, Greenwood, Jacob City, Malone, Marianna, and Sneads.

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