How Smart Is Your Dog? Intelligence Tests and Evaluation of Dog Breeds?


The intelligence of a dog is tested by a canine’s ability to learn, think, and solve problems. There is much debate over canine intelligence because many people confuse a dog’s obedience and genetic characteristics for the animal’s intelligence. Some breeds such as German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retriever are thought of as highly intelligent because of their high level of obedience. However, other breeds, such as sled dogs and sight hounds demonstrate intelligence in other ways – shown by their specific training abilities. Dogs are highly capable animals and can learn behaviors quickly. Some dogs are trained to hunt, others to fight. What is important is that dogs inherently have a high capacity to learn basic obedience and complicated behavior. Although some dogs are quicker learners than others, each owner must be patient with their canine when teaching obedience.

If you have children and dogs, it is important to teach your dog obedience. Regardless of your dogs level of intelligence, if you, as an owner, have patience and teach your dog how to be obedient and bey commands, your child will be better protected from unexpected dog bites or other attacks. If you would like to read more on dog obedience and intelligence see Dog Obedience and Canine Intelligence.

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