How Much Treatment Should a Child Receive Following An Automobile, Bicycle, or Pedestrian Accident?


How much treatment should reach out again following an automobile accident, bicycle accident, and pedestrian accident? When a child is injured as a result of an accident or incident, a parent is often faced with the challenge of obtaining medical treatment for the injured child. Many such injuries are covered by PIP (Personal Injury Protection. If there is no PIP coverage or the PIP has been exhausted, medical care and treatment may be covered by health insurance, Medicaid or other government benefits, or a Letter of Protection (LOP) which is a written promise to pay the medical provider from the settlement proceeds of the case or claim.

Often times as a Florida Child Injury Lawyer I am asked the following question:

How much treatment should the child receive following an automobile, bicycle, or pedestrian accident?

This is really a medical question versus a legal question. I often tell clients that the child should really receive medical care as long as the doctor recommends it and there appears to be some benefit or progress through the medical care provided. It is vital that a child is properly diagnosed and treated following an automobile, bicycle, or pedestrian accident. Unfortunately, many such injuries are significant or permanent in nature and have a life time effect on the child. Because in many cases it cannot be determined initially whether the injuries will be permanent in nature, testing and close observation by the medical providers are vital on these matters.

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