How Does Florida Law Define Hazing? Section 1006.63, Florida Statutes


In Florida, hazing is defined under Section 1006.63, Florida Statutes. The title of this section of the Florida Statutes is Hazing Prohibited. This statue and section should make it clear that hazing is a crime in Florida. Hazing is defined in a very detailed manner under this statute. The definition includes any act or situation that intentionally endangers the mental or physical safety or health of a student for initiation or admission pursues into an organization of a post secondary institution. This Florida Statutes includes in the definition of hazing the following:

*pressuring or coercing a student to violate Florida or Federal laws;
*brutality of any physical nature;
*whipping, branding, beating, and / or exposure to the elements; and
*forced consumption of liquor or food or other substance.

There are other details or acts that also constitute hazing – See Section 1006.63, Florida Statutes.

Hazing is no laughing matter as a student can suffer or be at risk to serious personal injuries physically and / or psychologically. For those encourage or participate in hazing activities, keep in mind that it is not only cruel act to haze but it is also against the law and can result in a criminal conviction, jail time, and fines. It can also cause serious personal injuries that can last a life time for the victim.