How Does Putnam County (Palatka, Interlachen, and Welaka) Florida Define a Dangerous Dog? – Dog Bites and Rights of the Injured Person


Pursuant to Section 6-19 of the County Ordinances for Putnam County, Florida, a dangerous dog is defined as any dog, according to the records of the department of animal control, that has:
(1) aggressively bitten, attacked, endangered or has inflicted severe personal injury on a human being on either public of private property;
(2) more than once severely injured or killed another domestic animal while off its owner’s property;
(3) been used primarily or in part for the purpose of dog fighting or is a dog trained fr dog fighting; or
(4) when unprovoked, chased or otherwise menacingly approached a person on a street, sidewalk or other public grounds with an apparent attitude of attack.

The County Ordinances for Putnam County adopts Florida Statutes Chapter 767 as the authority for what procedures to use and to determine which dogs should be classified as dangerous in Putnam County. For more information on these procedures and classifications, please see the Official Website for the Florida Statutes – Chapter 767.

If you dog own a dog that has been classified as dangerous the canine will require special confinement conditions pursuant to section 6-43 of the Municipal Code. If the canine has been classified as dangerous, the owner of keeper of the dog must complete an animal obedience class with the dangerous dog. Upon completion of the course, the owner shall provide written proof of the dog’s enrollment and completion, as well as demonstrate to the department head that the dog can obey basic commands for: sit, stay come, lie down and heel.

Whether or not your dog is classified as dangerous, owners or keepers of canines should always maintain control over the dog for the protection of others. This includes but is not limited to adequate leashing and appropriate, but humane, confinement of dogs.