How Does Leon County (Tallahassee, Woodvill ) Florida Define a Dangerous Dog? – Dog Bites and Rights of the Injured Person


Leon County defines a dangerous dog under section 4-26 of the Leon County, Florida, Code of Ordinances. Pursuant to sec. 4-26, a dangerous dog means any dog that has, when unprovoked,
a. Bitten, attacked, endangered or otherwise inflicted severe personal injury on a human being on public or private property;
b. Severely killed or injured another when off its owner’s property (more than once);
c. Chased or approached a person upon any public grounds (e.g., streets and sidewalks) in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack;
d. Acts a.-c. must be attested to in a sworn affidavit by one ore more persons and dutifully investigated; or
e. If the dog has been used primarily or in part for the purposes of dog fighting or is trained for dog fighting.
– “Severe injury” is defined as any physical injury that results in broken bones, multiple bites or disfiguring lacerations that requires sutures or reconstructive surgery.
– “Unprovoked” means the victim was conducting him/herself peacefully and lawfully when bitten, chased or otherwise attacked.

Dog owners in Leon County also have the duty to keep their canine from becoming a public nuisance. A dog owner or keeper who violates this section risks having their dog impounded or otherwise disposed of. See section 4-36. – Public nuisance prohibited.

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