How Does Bradford County (Starke, Lawtey, Hampton and Brooker) Florida Define a Dangerous Dog? – Dog Bites and Rights of the Injured Person


Bradford County distinguishes between a “dangerous dog” and a “vicious dog.” A dangerous dog is defined as any dog which has attacked, without being provoked, a person or other animal or any dog that has been trained to attack on command. A vicious animal, on the other hand, is defined as any dog which has made two or more unprovoked attacks on either persons or animals, or any dog which has inflicted serious bodily harm or serious personal injury onto a person. See section 10-31 of the Code of Ordinances of Bradford County, Florida.

Once a dog has been deemed dangerous by a department head (after a thorough investigation has been conducted by said department head), the official shall notify the dog’s owner immediately. Within such order will be instructions on how to properly confine and restrain the dangerous dog. Noncompliance with this order will subject the dangerous dog’s owner to penalties and possible seizure of the dog. You can read more about seizure and disposal of dogs in Section 10-41 of the Bradford County Code of Ordinances.

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