How Do I Obtain Mobile Telephone Records / Internet Service Provider Records for a Particular Case? Driver Distraction and Mobile Phone Calls, E Mails, and Text Messages


In many Florida automobile accident and other injury cases, the records from a mobile telephone carrier or Internet Service Provider can be vital to a key aspect of the case. Some accidents result from text messaging distraction. Others result from e mail or mobile telephone call distraction. Obtaining the records from a mobile telephone company or Internet Service Providers often times requires a subpoena or law enforcement intervention. For clients, law enforcement, and attorneys, I wanted to provide an important internet link that provides a list of mobile telephone companies and Internet Service Providers in order to obtain information / documentation regarding a certain telephone number or account. The ISP List database is updated frequently and is an important tool for attorneys, investigators, and individuals in need of this most important information.

These service providers will want a Subpoena if records are requested for an account or telephone that you do not own. A civil attorney can only issue a Supoena if there is a matter in litigation. Since investigating an automobile accident case involving serious personal injuries can be quite complicated, it makes sense to retain the services of a Florida personal injury attorney / lawyer to represent your interests or the interests of an injured child.