How Do I Get a School or Day Care Center to Pay for Medical Bills Associated with a Child Injury?


When a child is injured at a Florida school or day care center, the parent is often faced with the challenge and pressures of obtaining and paying for medial care related to the injury. For children with health insurance in place, the parents are still required to pay co-pays and deductibles. For children without health insurance, the parents must deal with the challenges and burdens. Typically, it is more difficult obtaining consistent, affordable, and geographically close medical care when a child lacks health insurance.

When a child is injured due the negligence of a school or day care center, it is importnat for the parents to retain the services of a Florida Child Personal Injury Attorney for advise, consultation, and legal representation. There are many issue that an attorney can step in and assist the parents with including but not limited to medical bills.

Many schools and day care centers have liability insurance in place that have a medical payment provision otherwise known as Med Pay coverage in place that could be utilized to pay for medical bills regardless of the fault of the day care center or school. In other words, the parents do not have to prove that the day care center school is at fault but merely must show that the accident took place at the day care center school. Student accident insurance is also available for some students enrolled in a day care center or school. Some student accident insurance policies are purchased by the parent while others are purchased by the school by the day care center school.

When a child suffers an injury at a school or day care center, the parents should find out if there is Med Pay and / or student accident insurance in place for the benefit of the injured child. It is important for the parents to consult consult with an experienced attorney to get advice as to medical bills, medical payments coverage, student accident insurance, liability insurance, and other issues.

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