Household Safety in Florida – Preventing Drowning Incidents


Children in Florida drown every year both inside the home and outside the home in swimming pools, lakes, canals, community pools, rivers, oceans and other waterways. Water safety is important for all children especially infants, toddlers, and young children. Many people do not realize that a child can drown in as little of an inch or less of water. As such, anything that hold water of any amount including buckets, bathtubs, pools, and puddles can present a real drowning risk for a child. Children are at risk for drowning in pools. In addition, the bathroom and kitchen can be dangerous areas as well for the child. Any place where there is water or a water source can be a danger for a child. Close supervision and protective barriers like baby gates and fences are vital for the safety of children.

You can read more safety tips to prevent serious personal injuries as well as deaths from drownings at Drowning Prevention in the Household.