Horse Drawn Carriage Overturns in Historic St. Augustine Florida – Passengers Are Injured.


Automobile accidents are every day occurrences in North Florida which includes Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida. These include rear end accidents, improper left turns, and running of stop signs. Horse drawn carriage accidents are far less common. Recently, a horse drawn carriage overturned in St. Augustine, Florida causing personal injuries to the passengers. Some of the passengers were visually impaired. The carriage actually overturned and pinned the passengers for a time period. Three of the passengers were taken to Flagler Hospital. Avalon Carriage Company operated the horse drawn carriage. Typically, the horse drawn carriages do not take the U Turns of the nature that was taken at the time of the incident.

In Florida, cases of this nature (while uncommon) are evaluated on the same standards as an automobile accident case. Was there negligence on the part of the driver / owner of the carriage that caused or contributed to the incident? A Jacksonville / St. Augustine Personal Injury Lawyer / Attorney can assist with these and other issues involved with a case of this nature.

In addition to considering liability issues, insurance will be an issue in handling a case of this nature. What type of liability or business insurance did Avalon Carriage Company have in place? It would appear that the City of St. Augustine would require carriage companies to have liability insurance in order to operate within city limits and to get a permit to conduct such a business. You can read more about this incident at Carriage Overturns in St. Augustine Florida – Three Taken to Flagler Hospital.

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