Homestead, Florida Baby Suffers Serious Personal Injuries from Screwdriver


In Homestead, Florida, a 5 month old baby was treated at a hospital for serious personal injuries from a screwdriver. The Associated Press reported that the baby had a screwdriver lodged deeply into the ear which may have caused cranial damage. The mother – Latasha Bailey – age 30 – found her infant son in a room with her 4 year old son. It was not reported how the screwdriver became lodged into the infant’s ear. A full investigation will be conducted to determine the circumstances of the injury. If the baby was harmed by the 4 year old, himself, or another child, this story shows the importance of keeping tools and other sharp objects away from small children. A seemingly harmless household tool can cause serious personal injuries to a small child. You can read about this story at Baby Taken to Hospital with Screwdriver in His Ear Causing Serious Personal Injuries.