Hollywood, Florida – 13 Year Old (Daniel Torres) – Victim of Shooting by Friend – Dies – Importance of Gun Safety and Dangers to Children


In Hollywood, Florida, a 13 year old has died and a family and community are mourning his death. Police are investigating the incident to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding this most unfortunate and tragic end to a young boy’s life. Going from riding bikes around the neighborhood to death the next is certainly a difficult situation for any family to deal with. This incident shows the importance of gun safety and the necessity of securing guns that guns do not get into the hands of children and teens. It is well known that children lack safety awareness and good judgment. Whether the shooting was accidental or more criminal in nature, consistent gun safety and security can help reduce incidents of this nature. If you have a gun, make sure that it is properly secured and out of the reach of children. It is also important for parents to have conversations about gun safety with children. There is nothing cool about a child waving around a gun or carrying around a gun without proper adult supervision and guidance. Guns are not toys and are dangerous when in the hands of children who lack good safety awareness and judgment. You can read more about this story at Hollywood, Florida – 13 Year Old Boy Killed in Shooting.