Holly Hill, Florida Day Care Center Facing Fine / Sanctions After Incident in Which Children Went Missing


In Florida and other States, there is a problem with supervision at some day care centers. It is vital for each and every day care center to properly and consistency supervise children in the facility. Day care centers should have a list in place and make sure that each and every student / child is accounted for during the day. If children are allowed to wander out of the facility, absolutely horrible things could result including serious child personal injuries and in some instances even death. There is also a risk that the child could be abducted or missing for extended periods of time if a child is allowed to wander out of a facility. It is well known that children have poor safety awareness and are very curious. In other words, children do not always recognize the dangers of leaving a day care facility without proper adult supervision. In Holly Hill, Florida a day care center is facing fines and other government sanctions for an incident in which 2 children from the facility wandered out of the day care facility without proper supervision. As noted by Reggie Williams, an administrator with the Florida Department of Children and Families, there is a risk of injury when children are able to get out of a day care center. You can read more about this story at Holly, Hill Florida – Beautiful Beginnings Child Care Center Faces Fines for Violations of Day Care Regulations.