High School Sports and Concussions – A Cause for Concern, Precautions, and Action


The fear of concussions has reached new highs from high school football to the National Football Association (NFL). But athletes in most sports and at all skill levels are susceptible to experiencing a concussion. Recent studies indicate that concussions can have a long term impact on the brainscholars are educating professional, amateur, and youth athletes about the dangers of concussions.

Even Florida amateur athletes have been impacted by concussions. It has been reported that high school student-athletes have sustained concussions and are now speaking about their experiences. Player safety is and should be the highest priority among all sporting associations. There will always be risks in letting your child play sports. But you can help protect your child from a sports concussion by making sure all of his or her sporting equipment is up to date and maintained. Also, if your child is playing in a league, make sure the league emphasizes player safety. If your child is not in a league, make sure you are aware of who and where your child participates in sporting activities. And finally, make sure your child’s coaches understand the rules of the game and look our for your child’s best interests while participating in a sporting event.

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