High School Athletes: Overuse Injuries – Safety Tips for Our Children


High school athletes in Florida are often times pushed to the limit and even pushed beyond their limits. As a result thereof, injuries (sometimes permanent injuries) occur that could have otherwise been avoidable. While high school coaches and student athletes should be dedicated to the chosen sport, the overall safety and health of the student athlete should be priority over the focus of conditioning and competition. The Miami Herald posted a good article on the issue ofOveruse injuries: When high school athletes play too much in Florida Schools.

Parents should pay close attention to children who participate in sports programs in high school, middle school, pop warner, baseball, soccer, football, and other leagues. While coaches are trained and most undergo a background check, the coach does not always know best or do the best thing for the children. The majority of coaches out there are volunteers and truly have the best interests and safety of the children at heart. Others coaches, unfortunately, put all the focus on competition and winning at the expense of the child’s health, safety and well being.

Depending on the facts of the case, a Florida Child Injury Lawyer will represent an injured student athlete when the injury results from the negligence of a coach, volunteer or even another student athlete. The most important time to take action is before the injury occurs. Be proactive for the safety, well being, and health of the student athlete.

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