Hazing Reports and Incidents at FAMU – Marching Band Great Music – “Not So Great Behavior”


For years, the FAMU Marching Band enjoyed a reputation of performances filled with precision and wonderful music. Unfortunately, the famed FAMU Band Program is now getting press and publicity for something quite different – hazing. Since the death of Robert Champion, students, former students, and parents have stepped forward to recount incidents of hazing that resulted in both physical and emotional pain and suffering for the college student. Any form of hazing is unacceptable. In many instances, hazing is steeped in tradition, but, history and tradition do not justify abuse, neglect, and related harmful acts. See Hazing Reports and Incidents at FAMU.

When a child is injured due to abuse, neglect or hazing at a college, university, high school, middle school, elementary school, sports program, or day care center, it can and does cause long term problems for the child. It is also quite stressful for the parents trying their best to protect their children. Often times, school officials turned a blind eye to the bad conduct or otherwise fail to enforce policies and procedures in place to address and prevent acts of hazing.

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