Hazing Lawsuit Against FAMU – Issues and Challenges in Suing a State Run College


In Florida, suing a public entity like FAMU is not so simple. FAMU and other governmental entities are entitled to the protection of Florida Statutes applicable to Sovereign Immunity. Sovereign Immunity applies to government agencies including public schools and colleges. A public entity in the State of Florida can be sued and help accountable for acts of negligence and carelessness; however, any such claims and lawsuits are subject to certain notice requirements and limitations on damages as set forth in the Florida Statutes – namely Section 768.28, Florida Statutes.

The Florida A & M University may be facing a lawsuit in the future once the 6 month notice period runs. The family and its attorney alleges that the death of a band member (Robert Champion) was caused by the negligence of the school and its officials for allowing an environment of hazing to take place. An autopsy has been performed but, according to news reports to date, the autopsy results have been inconclusive. Time will tell how this legal case will be concluded. Will there be a settlement for the wrongful death of Robert Champion? Will there be a trial? What proof will be required on a case of this nature? What evidence will be obtained? Who will testify? What did the officials and band employees know about acts of Hazing? What was the exact timeline of Robert Champion’s illness and ultimate death? Was the death preventable? These are all important issues and questions for a case of this nature. See FAMU Culture of Hazing – FAMU Will Be Sued for Hazing.