Hazing Investigation Continues – Orange County School District Wants Medical Records of Victim Hazed by Football Players


In Florida, there are many traditions. Just because something is a tradition does not mean that it is a good thing. Take hazing for example. Hazing has been around for years and it is done in the spirit at times of tradition, fun for some, and, yes cruelty. Hazing should stop at all levels of education and sports. It is interesting to note that hazing even continues into the NFL. Of course, the hazing in the NFL is typically a bad haircut or something much less than a beating. However, it is important that we teach our children that hazing, in any form, should not be tolerated and every attempt should be made to prevent and get rid of hazing in sports. In Orange County, Florida, a student has accused football players of hazing. There is a pending investigation of the matter. Currently, the Orange County School District is requesting medical records of the victim to find out more about the injuries caused by the alleged hazing. You can read more about this story at Orange County Schools Want Victim’s Medical Records.

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