Tallahassee, Florida – Children in State Care Slower to Get Drugs After Child (Gabriel Meyers) Hangs Himself While Taking Psychiatric Medications


This past April, seven-year-old foster child, Gabriel Meyers, apparently committed suicide after taking prescribed psychiatric drugs. The death has caused a debate that is slowing the flow of prescribed medications to children in state care in Florida.

After the child’s death, the Florida Department of Children & Families (DCF) launched an investigation into his death, and found that many foster children were taking medications without the proper consent forms in place. Lawmakers have vowed to create new laws to try to prevent the overuse of drugs by foster children. Fear of an increased suicide rates among children taking psychotropic drugs has prompted the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to put a black box warning on them.

Child advocates approve the recommendation of getting the proper consent, but worry that slowing down or stopping treatment for troubled children could lead to more problems. In some instances, a foster child’s behavior that is not controlled by necessary medication may make it more likely that they will be rejected by foster families who do not know how to deal with these children.

Alan Abramowitz, director of DCF’s Family Safety Program Office, said that physicians with any questions about a prescription should contact his agency.

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