Hand Gun Found in Pre-Schooler’s Backpack – Gun Was Unloaded


In Palm Bay, Florida, school officials found a hand gun in the back pack of a 5 year old. It was reported that the 5 year old brought the gun to school to show his friends. While the gun was unloaded and no one was harmed, bringing a gun to school can only cause problems. The boy stated that he had found the gun in his mother’s car. The gun was found at Riviera Elementary School. Parents, teachers, and school administrators should emphasize safety in schools and collectively do their best to teach children about the dangers of guns. Many times, children (and even adults) think a gun is unloaded and on safety when actually it is loaded and not on safety. Regardless, there is no place in our school system for guns. The school and its administrators did a good job of identifying the potential danger and handling the situation at hand. You can read more about this story at Gun Found in Pre-Schooler’s Backpack.

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