Gunfire Celebrating New Year Puts Florida Boy in a Coma


A Tampa Bay boy (Diego Duran) suffered a serious injury when he became of the victim of an accidental shooting in Ruskin, Florida. While it does not appear that the incident was intentional or expected, the celebratory firing of a gun appears to be the cause of a bullet hitting Diego in the head and putting him into a coma. The boy was only 12 years old at the time of the accidental shooting. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reported that the boy’s family was outside of their home bringing in the New Year and watching fireworks when the incident took place. When Diego’s mother saw him fall and was bleeding, she took quick action and had him transported to the hospital. It was reported that no one nearby had been firing off a gun. It is possible that the gun had been fired from miles away.

Similar incidents have been reported through the years. Tragically, lives are lost and serious personal injuries are suffered when a gun is randomly fired in the air. Gun safety should be practiced at all times even in areas where it does not appear anybody is near by. A fired bullet can travel a great distance and can and does take the lives of incident victims. See Boy Shot in Head in Celebratory Shooting – New Year – Florida.