Great Resource for Parents and Coaches – The Coach’s Guide to Youth Sports Injury Management


Some coaches of youth sports may be inexperienced and under-educated when it comes to treating personal injuries sustained by their youth players. Typically, to become a youth sports coach all one need to do is complete coaching courses, which usually do not run longer than 5 days and barely cover injury management. Even the American Red Cross first-aid course barely touches on the types of injuries seen in youth sports. Although coaches are not expected to be doctors, coaches are left with the difficult decision to play a youth after the youth has suffered a personal injury.

To help with this problem, orthopedic surgeon, Dev Mishra, has created an online site called – “The Coach’s Guide to Youth Sports Injury Management.” In his long line of experience, Dr. Mishra has witnessed a numerous amount youth players with significant injuries that started out as minor injuries. Dr. Mishra estimates, based on his experience, the number of secondary injuries suffered by youth athletes nationally is 1 to 2 million per year. Secondary injuries are defined as those personal injuries that became worse because a youth athlete was returned to play before his or her injury had recovered. On, coaches and parents can find reader-friendly documents that covers the most common injuries. If you would like to read more on this topic please see Simple guide on injury management for youth athletes, made for coaches and parents.

Many serious personal injuries sustained by youth athletes are secondary injuries, thus these personal injuries are preventable at an earlier stage. The more coaches and parents understand and educate themselves on the issue of personal injuries sustained by youth athletes the less likely youth athletes will sustain severe personal injuries.

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