Great Advice for Athletes from Grade School to Professionals


According to Reverend Roosevelt Simmons, Bishop of Church of the Living God, “time and chance are given to us all. It is your time. It is your chance as opportunities are presented to you. It is what you do with these opportunities when presented. You can either throw them away or you can invest with a great return now and into the future.” This sage advice can serve to motivate athletes of all ages and skill. Sports can provide both a child and, in later in life, an adult with a great outlet to exhibit skills, effort, and a passion for the game. Yes, it is certainly important at times in a competitive world to win. More importantly, according to Reverend Simmons, it is how a player prepares for competition, takes on the competition, and conducts himself or herself in life. There are great lessons to be learned both on and off the field when participating in sports.

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