Graco and The Consumer Product Safety Commission Announce Recall of Strollers – Risk of Strangulation to Children


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with Graco Children’s Products, of Atlanta, Georiga, is announcing a recall about approximately 2 million Graco strollers and travel systems due to a risk of entrapment and strangulation. The agencies have received four reports of fatal infant strangulations that occurred in these strollers between 2003 to 2005. Also, CPSC is knowledgeable of 5 incidences of infant entrapment that resulted in cuts and bruises and one report of an infant struggling to breathe.

Infants younger than 12-months-old are very susceptible to entrapment and strangulation if they are not properly harnessed. A common occurrence is that a child who is improperly harnessed can get through the opening between the stroller tray and seat bottom, but his or her head and neck can become entrapped by the stroller tray. Those infants who become entrapped around the neck can potentially be strangled.

Among the items being recalled are: older versions of the Graco Quattro Tour(tm) and travel systems manufactured prior to November 2006 and MetroLite(tm) strollers and travel systems manufactured prior to July 2007. These products were distributed between November 2007 and December 2007. These products could have possibly been in store inventories well up to the week the recall was made public. Models included in the recalled by be found on the Graco website. If you would like to read more information on this recall please see Millions of Graco strollers recalled due to infant strangulation.

It is important that your child fits securely in his or her stroller. If a child is able to move around too freely, the risk of entrapment and strangulation dramatically increase.