GPS Units to Help Monitor Visits by Florida Child Case Workers


The Florida Department of Children and Families has the duty to monitor the safety, health, and welfare of children in Florida’s foster care system. A case that gained national attention involved Rilya Wilson who was in the foster care system. Unfortunately and tragically, Rilya’s case worker falsified records and misrepresented home visits that were never made. Cases like Rilya motivated the Florida Department of Children and Familes to take steps to help better monitor children in the foster care system as well as the child case workers. A program that has been initiated in some Florida counties requires case workers to use software tools and technology to take photos of the children during home visits and upload information to the State’s database. GPS technology helps confirm the time and location of the home visits.

I support the use of this technology to better track and monitor visits by Florida case workers. You can read more about this program at GPS Like Devices to Help Child Care Workers.