GPS Tracking for Your Children and Teens in Florida


Today’s technology brings with it many innovations and decisions for parents. With GPS (Global Positioning System), parents can monitor the movement of their children. For small children, it can help a parent track the movements of their child for their safety and protection. For teens, the same purposes apply except the teen may feel that the parent is unfairly intruding on their personal lives. With GPS tracking devices, lying to a parent about being at the library will not quite work anymore unless the child cleverly leaves the GPS device at the library with a friend. I did a Google Search and found a product that appeared to be well built The unit which looks like a small mobile phone or walkie talkie costs $324.00 and has a $23.99 monthly charge. The Track My Kids device can give you peace mind and valuable knowledge as to the activities of your child.

GPS devices and mobile phones with GPS technology are great tools but are not a substitute for parental supervision, teacher supervision, or day care supervision. In addition, we should always teach and remind our children of basic safety measures in talking to strangers, going with strangers, and wandering away.

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