GPS for Your Child in Florida and the United States

Losing a child is one of the worst things that can happen to a parent. Today’s technology allows parents of the 21st century to track their children with GPS devices. Some come in the form of watches or bracelets. The devices can locate a child within 30 feet assuming the child is still wearing the device after being lost or after being abducted. The watch works with satellites to pin point the location of your child. Of course, the device is only effective if your child is wearing the watch and the watch is functional. Technology is nice to have but it is no substitute for good old fashioned parental supervision. Phones are also equipped with GPS technology. I expect further developments as to technology, costs, and function to bring forth additional GPS devices so that the average consumer can track children, spouses, pets, and employees an an easy and affordable manner.

Keep your children safe. Supervise them even when they are playing in your front yard. Even gated developments have child predators or those who get in the development with bad motives.

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