Good Weather . . . Good Beach Weather . . . Dangers of Beach Driving


Florida has great weather almost year round. Residents and visitors flock to the beach to enjoy great Spring and Summer weather. Unfortunately, with more crowds come more beach traffic. Many beaches in Florida still allow beach driving even thought beach driving presents a significant risk to pedestrians, sun bathers, and, yes children. The convenience of beach driving and parking should take a back seat to safety problems that beach driving and beach parking create. So what if a person needs to walk another block or two to get to the beach. It is a small sacrifice that people should make to make the beaches safer for all people including children. The Daytona Beach News Journal newspaper / website did a series of articles on Beach Driving and Dangers to Children and Others. Until all beach driving is banned, this is a topic that should be constantly raised and discussed with city, county, and state officials for Florida. See also For Those Hit on Sand, Daytona Beach Now Just a Bad Memory.

Whether a child is injured on the beach or elsewhere, it is quite challenging for a parent to handle the financial and emotional stresses of dealing with a serious injury to a child. The book titled – The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Ever Parent Should Know has chapters on Automobile Accidents, Damages / Compensation, Medical Bills / Medical Treatment, Swimming Pool and Water Park Injuries, and other topics. Get a free copy of the child injury book. It is also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks. Search for the book by title – The ABCs of Child Injury – or by author, David Wolf.

Be very careful when driving on or visiting any beach with beach driving.

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